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In a market, which is currently one of the most risky, you can’t just go on to make investment related decisions, without having an asset being rated. This is where we come into picture, as being one of the first mover’s in crypto rating industry, our experience is nothing less than anyone else in this market.

Here at CAR we have one of the best rating analyst’s. We help you in understanding credibility of different products by using our rigorous rating process. We take into consideration all the major qualitative and quantitative factors and help you in assessing the risk related to that particular asset.

Crypto Asset Rating
  • Investing into a Crypto-Currency/Token is of major interest for investors nowadays. But to make them invest more, a crypto-asset must have some sort of credibility associated with it. We help these assets in getting credibility with the help of our rating methodology which has an extensive methodology associated with it.
  • Our rating process includes an in-depth research of asset to be rated. We take into consideration all the financial, business, legal and technical factors which will give you a perfect estimation of risk. With exhaustive treatment of all factors associated with an asset, we don’t let go any minute detail which, sometimes, may come handy. In such a risky market, you need to have an extensive methodology to come up with a perfect rating.
Crypto Exchange Rating
  • In this ever growing crypto market, the number of tokens are increasing daily. But along with these increasing tokens, there are crypto exchanges which are going on increasing. Some exchanges may be legitimate, whereas some fake exchanges too exist which are there to cheat investors by listing fake tokens. It has become a cumbersome task to decide which exchange one should choose as a platform for their investment.
  • Worry not, our crypto exchange rating product is here to solve this problem. With our research team we have the capability to investigate whether an exchange is legit or fake. Our team has the perfect methodology to analyze past, present and future listings of exchanges which give an understanding of the purpose of that particular exchange.
Crypto Sovereign Rating
  • Sovereign rating is a way of evaluating a country or a sovereign entity in terms of its creditworthiness. In crypto market it has become a very important point to assess a sovereign entity’s credibility. Each token or an exchange is associated to a particular country or a sovereign entity.
  • Many countries in and around crypto market are legalizing/banning crypto markets as per its benefits to the government. It has become a difficult task to decide which country to invest in. So it is our job to assess each country’s political view and rate them accordingly. We give you a view of which sovereign entity is good for crypto market investments.
Crypto ETF Rating
  • Exchange traded fund (ETF) is an investment fund which is traded on exchanges just like any other token. A single unit of fund holds multiple smaller units of tokens, which reduces risk of this fund as compared to holding a single token.
  • Why do we need to rate an ETF when it has lower risk in comparison to a single token? The problem here is, a crypto market in itself being so risky, an ETF will have a heavy amount of risk associated with it. An investor can’t have a relaxing time just by investing in an ETF. Some kind of credibility needs to be associated with it, which can make that particular asset attractive for investment.
  • It is important to get an ETF rated before one invests, as we need to understand whether risk has been distributed evenly which in turn reduces the overall risk of an ETF. We at CAR help you to do the same.

Besides the rating platform, we are also developing Crypto Business World (CBW), a high-quality content platform focused on the crypto market. CBW various content categories such as Analysis, Articles, News, Reports, Interviews, Press Release, Videos, Pod case, Case Studies, and webinars. CBW supported by the in-house team of content creators and selected group of crowd sourced content creator.

External Analysts can register on CBW to create their profile and incentivized to contribute to CBW with their expertise and market understanding. CBW offers content marketplace to allow content creators to start paid subscription services.

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Digital Securities is going to be the next big thing in the world. According to one of the surveys, Globally Illiquid and Liquid Asset valuation is over $500T which will all be tokenized in the next 10 to 15 years of time. We envision to tokenize various assets such as Equity, Bond, Real Estate, Funds with compliance and tokenization in a legally compliant way using smart contracts on blockchain technology on our Tokenization Asset Platform (TAP).

Tokenization Asset Platform (TAP) provides an Software as a Service, allowing for creation and issuance, transfer and management of digital securities (tokens) in a compliant way on Blockchain for various regulations; also automating Investor Verifications (KYC, AML/CTF).

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An index has become a very important part of an investor’s life. Investors tend to keep a track of indices which gives them a point of comparison with their own investments.

At CAR we offer you multiple indices which makes it easier for investors to make decision on which tokens should they add in their own portfolio. We offer indices based on the types of cryptocurrencies/tokens i.e. Currency, Security and Utility index. Also we do offer daily and monthly tracking of index.