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About Crypto Asset Rating

Crypto Asset Rating Inc (CAR) is a crypto asset rating agency, based in the US. We have designed a comprehensive rating algorithm for crypto assets to help our users, better understand the potential long-term viability of a crypto asset and the company issuing it.

Our rating solution is developed using blockchain technology so as to maintain decentralization. Using blockchain for our rating solution also helps in having a dynamic data set with an auditable history

Besides the rating platform, we are also developing Crypto Business World (CBW), a content platform focused on the crypto market. Refer to CAR Ecosystem for details.

The crypto market has been plagued with some cases of outright fraud, or cases where the project never comes to fruition. Without regulatory oversight .and mandated disclosures, investors often have minimal information about a crypto asset.

According to various estimates, there can be an average of 5-6 crypto asset issuances every day in 2018. This sheer volume of ICOs makes it impossible for a diversified investor to analyze each of those crypto assets properly.

Our rating system provides an objective analysis of the underlying business (along with various other factors) and hence while not guaranteed fraudulent crypto asset with frivolous or non-existent underlying businesses may be filtered out during the process, and can help investors separate the wheat from the chaff.

Our subject matter experts at CAR have developed an unbiased rating system for crypto assets. Following are a few salient features of our rating framework:

  • Around 150 rating parameters, divided into 15+ categories
  • Four risk buckets for assessment: Business, Legal, Technology and Financial
  • Rating scores provided by Internal as well as External analysts
  • Crowd Score calculated based on consensus algorithm
  • Blockchain based rating engine
  • Rating report for each crypto asset will provide the assessment details
  • Periodic monitoring for rating upgrade/ downgrade
  • Comprehensive and layered rating governance structure

Refer to our whitepaper for further details.

CAR Ecosystem

Crypto Asset Rating Platform

The Crypto Asset Rating Platform (CARP) is divided into several categories to ensure salient qualitative and quantitative issues are considered. The rating algorithm has been being developed by a group of co-founders having vast experience in the capital markets. We have identified 15+ categories with over 150 rating parameters. In addition to CAR’s in-house rating experts with varied domain expertise, we measure community confidence through our “Crowd Score”, which are gathered from a selected pool of external rating analysts. Our rating solution is developed on blockchain technology so as to maintain decentralization, transparency, auditability and most importantly a stringent rating governance structure. Refer to the Rating Model section for details on the rating algorithm, rating grid and governance structure.

Crypto Business World

In addition to CARP, we are also developing Crypto Business World (CBW), a content platform focused on the crypto market. CBW is supported by in-house as well as crowdsourced content creators. We believe that there can be no better content creator than the analysts themselves as they are interacting with market on a regular basis. Due to this, we encourage the external analysts to produce quality content for CBW and get appropriately rewarded. CBW aims to launch “Content Marketplace", which will allow the writers to start paid subscription services on our platform.

Our Team

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Pramod Attarde

Co-founder & CEO

Rippy Sethi

Co-founder & Chief Business Developer Officer

Sunita Attarde

Co-founder & COO

Anjan Ash

Co-founder & Chief Rating Analyst

Medha Deshpande

Chief Technolgy Officer

Bhushan Bhangale

Corporate Adviser

Sachin Jaitly

Corporate Adviser

Saro Jahani

Corporate Adviser

Dr Naren Patel

Corporate Business Advisor

Indy Samra

Corporate Business Advisor

Gautam Shah

Corporate Advisor Business Development

Kshipra A

Financial Analyst

25+ Technical Team Members
Lesther Caballero

Blockchain Developer

Ankit Awasthi

User Experience Consultant/Designer

Bonnie Silvera

Vice President - Rating Services at Crypto Asset Rating Inc

Harry Horwitz

Vice President - Real Estate Tokenization

Nicholas Diederich

Vice President - Asset Tokenization (Securities)

Jason Turpin

Sales Team

Jose Crespo

Sales Team